modloader v0.3.7

What is it?

Mod Loader is a plugin that adds an user-friendly and easy way to install and uninstall modifications into the game without changing anything in the game installation. The user only needs to put the mods in the modloader directory and that’s all.


• Do not replace any original file, all the mods are installed by injection on the fly!
• The user can give several versions of the same data file and the loader will take care of merging them together!
• The user does not need to manually take data lines from readme files, the loader is able to identify them and inject them in!
• Changes made to the directory while the game is running are applied immediately!
• Game menu for configurations, providing a even easier management of mods!
• Profiles allowing the user to have many games in one.
• Dynamic loading screen, removing the flickering when there are too few gta.dat entries (usually on TCs).
• Bug-free sound modding.


Supported Files

Mod Loader supports all the files the default game provides with the addition of some files well known in the modding scene.

The supported file types are:

• ASI plugins, CLEO plugins and D3D9 hooks.
• Data files, IPL files, IDE files and decision makers.
• Streamed resources, such as models and textures.
• Generic files, effects, script sprites and img archives.
• SFX files including wave files directly on disk.
• stream tracks.
• SCM files and CLEO scripts.
• GXT and FXT game text files.
• Intro movies.

Requirements: CLEO 4.0+

Credits: Link2012